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Online course on curls
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Practical online course on curls

Course for all types of curls
Start: June 25
990 rubles // 13 USD

We accept PayPal payment
Practical online course on curls
Start: 25 june
990 rub // 13 USD
We accept PayPal payment
What to expect:
Course Program
During this month you'll get 7 detailed lessons where we'll break down the basic rules of curling and unscrewing different types of curls and the fundamental difference between them. We will answer the most important questions - how and by what the curls are curled and how we can affect their durability

In this month you can change your skill level and your general idea of creating curls

The cost of participation in the marathon is only 990 rubles/13 USD
Take part
In 4weeks you will learn
  • Properly prepare the hair for work
  • Use tools of different shapes and diameters
  • Rules of the golden ratio
  • Work cleanly with hair
  • Properly pull texture
  • Curl curls with a curling iron
  • Make Hollywood waves
  • Perform different variations of surf curls
Detailed program
What format will the online course take?
Starting June 25, you'll receive in-depth online lessons twice a week with a practical assignment at the end of each lesson. You will also receive feedback and support throughout the training

The assignment report will be in the form of a photo or a small test. Fulfillment of tasks is NOT a prerequisite for the training, but we recommend practicing the knowledge gained, it will not take you more than 30-40 minutes of time

Training reviews
Course Program
25 june
25 june
Different types of hair. Choice of stylings and tools
28 june
28 june
Preparing the hair for work. Working with a brushing. Different ways to create a volume
2 july
2 july
Classic volume curls. Modern wide curls. Curl on volume. Stretching curls depending on the type of twist
5 july
5 july
Near-facial area. Secrets of mega-volumes
9 july
9 july
Curls on the iron. The choice of tool.
Voluminous curls on the iron
12 july
12 july
Surf curls as a basic element of modern natural hairstyles. Hair preparation. Different options for creating beach curls
16 july
16 july
The basics of a cold (Hollywood wave) curl. Smooth and textured design
20 july
20 july
Practical part of the online course
Cost of participation: 990 rubles / 13 $
By completing the tasks each week you can compete for prizes:

3 winners will receive a basic online course on creating hairstyles

After registration, you will automatically receive an email with the data from your personal account, where you will receive weekly video lessons, assignments to them and track the results

At the end of the course, all participants receive a certificate of completion of the theoretical and practical block on the course Curls and waves
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